Career as a Houseparent

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Career as a Houseparent

Houseparenting at Milton Hershey School is a unique career, significantly impacting the lives of Milton Hershey School students.  The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care of our students is entrusted to their care.  Student homes typically have up to 12 students per home.    

Milton Hershey School houseparents careers

Milton Hershey School Flex Houseparents ensure that students live in a safe and stable environment with consistency and structure.  Houseparents attend to basic child care needs such as meals, housekeeping, chores, appropriate attire, homework completion, dispensing medication, and ensuring adequate sleep, etc. Equally as important, Houseparents are guides(models) and mentors to students, teaching them appropriate behaviors and values to prepare them for fulfilling and productive lives. Providing spiritual care is also a component as Houseparents model and teach Judeo-Christian values to the students.

Additionally, Houseparents are responsible for numerous administrative functions to ensure a smooth operating home such as coordinating schedules, overseeing behavioral success plans, ordering food and home maintenance, transporting students, etc. 

A Typical Day?

Houseparents rise early in the morning to ensure that their students are up in plenty of time to adequately prepare for busy days at school.  Students are prepared healthy meal, dress according to school code, contribute to home care, and have daily devotionals before going to school.  While students are at school, Houseparents have unscheduled time to attend to their own personal needs.  Once the school days ends, the Houseparents are in high gear again.  Afternoons are filled with student activities, meals, chores, homework, and bed-time preparation. 

Weekends have a less structured schedule.  Houseparents are engaged with the students in more relaxed activities such as recreational, experiential learning and household tasks.  Sunday Chapel Service is a requirement for all students and Houseparents on duty.

Throughout all these activities, Houseparents are highly involved in the students’ lives, teaching them life lessons and counseling them on the proper steps to  choosing wise decisions for positive outcomes.  Milton Hershey School’s core values of integrity, positive spirit, commitment to mission, and mutual respect are guiding principles for all.     

As in a family, each student participates in, and contributes to, the experience of the student home. Students are responsible for completing homework and other school-related assignments and doing household chores. They also enjoy planned activities and have free time. Houseparents may take students to cultural, sports, and entertainment events. Group activities are available including intramural sports and the use of campus recreational facilities.

Benefits of Being a Full-Time Flex Houseparent

  • The satisfaction of making a positive contribution to the development of children
  • Total compensation package including the value of a salary, a rent-free private apartment, meals, and utilities
  • A comprehensive benefits package (see Benefits Overview page)
  • Certified Houseparent training program
  • Relocation assistance
  • Use of athletic facilities (gym, tennis courts, ice skating rink)

Position Requirements:


Given the complexities of the full-time Flex Houseparents' role and responsibilities, as well as the physical size of the houseparent apartment, the following criteria must be met for eligibility:

  • Couple must be legally married at least 3 years at time of application.
  • Each person must be at least 27 years of age at time of application.
  • No more then two dependent children in residence.
  • Prior experience working with children and youth (preferably children and youth from poverty or similar challenged settings).
  • Ability to successfully complete extensive clearance process.
  • Able to meet health and physical requirements of the position.
  • Driving records in good standing.
  • Credit history in good standing.