Student Home Tour

Student Homes at Milton Hershey School where students live at Milton Hershey

Imagine your child in the comfortable living of our student homes

Surrounding the Spartan Commons are student homes, the residential living areas for students. Student homes are much like any other home, except in size, and provide a real family setting for typical family activities

Each student home, as seen in the photo above, is overseen by a married couple who are the houseparents for the home. More than just caretakers, houseparents take an active, nurturing interest in MHS students' development and well-being. They have the responsibility to support students in their day-to-day lives and serve as the primary contact for the children in their care, in partnership with a natural parent or guardian.

Houseparents also teach children important life values, such as taking responsibility within the home. They also provide structure and guidance in the child's daily activities and are on hand to support and encourage achievement. While no one can replace a parent or guardian, houseparents ensure that MHS students have someone there to listen to him or her, offer guidance or advice when problems occur, or simply reassure a student when it's needed most.

Each student home consists of up to 12 students from the same Division level (Elementary, Middle, and Senior; Transitional Living for seniors has an independent-living style set-up with up to 25 students). Throughout the years at MHS, students will live, learn, share and grow with their housemates, who come to be viewed as members of an extended family.

Learn about our Home Life staff and our philosophy here.

Want to see what a student home experience is like?

Take a moment to tour the beautiful North Campus, which is for our Middle Division students at Milton Hershey School.

And check out the photos below to see one of our Elementary Division homes. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or email us!


A photo of the a student home bathroom.

Large bathrooms accommodate the residents of the student home. Individual shower and toilet stalls provide students' privacy.


A photo of a student home bedroom.

Two or three students occupy each student home bedroom. Each student has his/her own twin bed, desk, and closet.

Computer Room

A photo of the student home computer room.

Each home includes a computer room where students can utilize desktop computers and printers.

Dining Room

A photo of the student home dining room.

Off the kitchen is a dining area where the students eat breakfast and evening meals.

Student Home Entry

A photo of the student home entry.

A service porch serves as a main entrance to the student home.


A photo of the student home kitchen.

The entry way connects to a sizable kitchen.

Laundry Room

A photo of the student home laundry room.

Each home has a laundry room where student clothing is washed.

Living Room

A photo of the student home living room.

A large living room provides seating areas for watching television, reading, or just relaxing.

Recreation Room

A photo of the student home recreation room.

Each student home has a recreation room or playroom for students. These rooms vary from home to home, as they include games and/or toys that are age-appropriate for the home's occupants.